How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram

dark instagram theme

Instagram is a popular social networking app. It is a photo-sharing platform used by many who want to keep memories of their special days or show their followers what they are up to. Instagram also acts as an ideal avenue of interaction because you can chat, comment and send messages to some of your followers.

instagram dark modeThose in the business sector can use it to market their products or services. Instagram has witnessed several improvements since it was first introduced. New features have been added to boost the app’s user experience and make it more entertaining. Some of the features introduced over the recent years include stories, IGTV and an option to go live.

The dark mode feature is the latest introduction from the app. This enables one to use the app in dark mode and enjoy the benefits linked to it. Turning on dark mode on Instagram is a simple task. However, this is only limited to devices that run on Android 10 and iOS 13. Here is how to enable dark mode on Instagram using your device.


As stated earlier, this feature is only limited to devices that run on Android 10. Currently, there are a few of them with most of the latest Android phones operating on Android 9. Some of them are upgradable to Android 10 launched in September 2019, so you don’t have to worry. The procedure of turning Instagram dark mode on is simple. All you have to do is go to settings, scroll down to display and brightness and turn dark mode on. You should then launch the Instagram app on your device, and it will automatically pick the dark theme. There is no in-app feature that lets you turn the dark theme on, so you have to follow this process.


Enabling the dark theme for Instagram on yourinstagram iPhone or any other device running on iOS 13 is simple. What you should do is go to your device settings, scroll down to display and turn dark mode on. You should then launch the app which will automatically pick the settings. It is that simple. iOS 13 is currently available in the recently launched iPhone 11. If you are using other iPhone models, you should not worry because you can upgrade to iOS 13 with time and enjoy the Instagram dark mode feature. How about you try it out and enjoy the benefits.