Features of The Encrochat

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The mobile industry has been subjected to many security issues. Security problems range from data transmission issues, network infrastructure problems, servers and much more. There exists a need to create a solution for all safety issues while providing protection to your device.

The ground up has built and designed EncroChat, downloadable software that claims to be secure. It is made to be a solution in providing tight end to end encrypted communication. The primary Objective of Encrochat is to provide a worry-free connection to its users.


Security issues

Encrochat takes care of all the security issues of your phone. It secures your downloads in your device and does not onlineisolate them from other applications. Your downloaded applications will be in line with the operating system your device relies on and the network your device connects to.

The purpose of Encrochat is to make sure your hardware is safe together with the operating system, data transmissions, network infrastructure, servers, and applications. Since ignoring any part of the complete solutions makes the software useless, Entrechat has integrated the following features for maximum functionality.

Messages That Self-Destruct

Self-destruct messages is an exciting feature encrochat. Occasionally you may send an undesired message to another device or a message that you would not want them to keep and wish to reverse the process and delete the message. Encrochat has an advanced burn that can forcefully wipe your messages from another user’s device. The burn uses a timer countdown in which you can time the destruct of your message.

Customized Android Platform

The Android platform could not have been made any simpler and personal without Encrochat. The customized Android platform is fully encrypted from power on. Its prime focus is on privacy and security. Encrochat also integrates simplified user settings in your device.

Panic And Password Wipe

usb wirelessMost of the times data in your phone may be tempered with by malicious people, or there might just be some things in your device that you do not wish to share. Encrochat amazingly caters or this issue.

With its use, you can instantly wipe your devices data and type a panic password from the lock screen. If someone intends s to access your phone and types a series of incorrect passwords, there is an additional security that will wipe all the data from the device. Your information is therefore kept safe and secure.

Simplified Verification

Encryption has many complexities which Encrochat aims to solve. For end users, this complexity of encoding is made simplified using encrochats notary verification process.