iPhone Water Damage

What to do when your iPhone drops in Water

What to do when your iPhone drops in water

We all know that water and electronic devices do not mix. This has led to some manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung to introduce water-proof smartphones. However, iPhone is yet to embrace this technique. Latest versions such as iPhone 6s and 6s plus are still not water-proof. As we wait for Apple to embrace this technique, we can rely on some follow-up procedures when you iPhone comes into contact with water. Many victims always run for rice since it is a good absorber. But what if rice is not readily available? Worry no more; there are simple steps that can be followed when this happens.

  • Turn your iPhone off

After removing your smartphone from water, which is an obvious thing you should do, turn off the iPhone immediately. This is done through holding the power button. Sometimes the touch screen may not work. You can force the shut down through holding the power button. Sped is critical here as every second counts.

  • Remove any enclosure

After tuning off the phone, remove any form of enclosure such as a case. This is because they can trap in moisture. The main aim is to release any moisture as possible. However, screen protector may be left as it may help in preventing water penetration. If water bubbles can be spotted on the screen guard, it can be removed as well.

  • Dry out the iPhone

This is an important stage that you need to dwell on extensively. You can dry the smartphone using any piece of cloth such as a shirt, socks or any absorbent material that is readily available. Wipe the entire phone but concentrating on speakers, microphones, mute switch, power and volume buttons. Try as much as you can to soak up the moisture.

  • Use a silica geliphone drops

Silica gel is a good moisture absorbent material. It is mostly found in new pairs of shoes and handbags. One may mistake it as salt. You may also purchase it at Arts and Crafts shops. Once the silica gel is available, put the iPhone in a plastic bag that contain packets of Silica gel, wrap it and store in a cool and dry place for three to four days. This is to give it adequate time for the moisture to be absorbed by Silica gel. After the moisture is fully drained, reset your iPhone through connecting it to your PC. After this simple process, you have your iPhone working again like before.