Popular and Distinct Network Security Breaches

Man wearing a hood working from his laptop

Network security is always a vital issue in all small to huge enterprises all over the world. Effective business operations are determined by effective deployment of robust security mechanisms to safeguard a company’s private info that should always be kept confidential. To safeguard information from external and unauthorized usage, firms require to install strong network and client firewalls.

Nowadays we have firewalls specifically and distinctly designed to protect any types of networks.  Besides offering security services alone, the devices also provide dynamic and static VPNs to bounce IPs when required or if need be, making users enjoy the full resources of the online world without limitations. All these mentioned, let’s have a look at the most popular and distinct network security breaches.

Malware Attacks

This is a common term used to describe computer viruses. Typically, viruses are software created with a malicious intent of tapping into privatesecuring business info information or personal computers without owners’ authorization. We have many types of viruses all with different effects, Worms and Trojans are the worst types which are very common nowadays.

These viruses are the last thing any firm would want affecting their client machines because they incapacitate all working activities from the upper management all the way to the subordinates.


Phishing is the attempt of extracting secured personal information by masking legit websites with clone phishing websites to dupe users into thinking that the site is legit. This is a conventional method used by Facebook hackers. Once a user is duped, he/she feeds all confidential information without any second thought, and the back-end malicious phisher can use the user’s private info either to gain access or for any other malicious intent.

Denial-of-Service Attacks

This literally means the pumping or inundation of irrelevant requests to a site until it crashes. Most cyber-criminals use this method as a form of protest in huge organizations where they need to air their views illegitimately. Besides using his/her own machine, the cyber-criminal remotely uses other individual user machines without them noticing to effect this security breach.

Password Attacks

This is whereby cyber-criminals try out as many passwords as they can imagine to try and gain accesscornered cyber-criminal to confidential information. To prevent this, users are always encouraged to create powerful passwords with a mixture of alphanumeric, numeric and special characters that will undoubtedly prove very hard for any cyber-criminal to speculate.