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Factors to Consider Before Picking Your Perfect Smoker

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The growing demand for smokers on the market has enabled designers and manufacturers to come up with different types that you can choose from today. Some of the smokers that exist currently include offset smokers, wood burning smokers, charcoal burning smokers, gas smokers, and electric smokers. Each of these smokers comes with unique features as well as distinct advantages. Many people are looking for the perfect summertime electric smoker. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to pick the right one for your smoking needs. Here are the factors to think about before settling on one:

Factors to consider

The kind of food you want to make

Every smoker has a specialty on the meat and other foods it can make best for you. For example, if you want to cook grillmeat, an offset smoker is the best model for you because it comes with two chambers that allow you to control temperature efficiently and find the tastiest meat ever.

Wood smoker is ideal for steaks, chops, chicken breasts, fish fillets vegetables and garlic bread because it has a grill grate and a high heat source. If you want to cook burgers and hot dogs, then you need to pick gas smokers.


For your smoker to last for long, its materials should be robust and durable. Resilient smokers are those having a strong heavy gauge steel. The welds also need to be sturdy and executed well to enable them last longer. A real smoker should have insulated handles to prevent you from getting injuries while using it. It should also have lids that can seal the cooking chamber well to control temperature. High quality and hi-tech smokers should have an inbuilt thermometer to help in temperature control.


All consumers will buy a product that fits into their budget. Smokers vary in prices, but there some that are affordable and can suit you well. If you are in need of a smoker that you can accommodate perfectly within your budget and still gives you better service, then you should consider picking charcoal burning smokers because they are affordable in addition to giving you foods an excellent flavor.

Fuel source

You should buy a type of smoker depending on your source of fuel. If you do not have access to gas or electricity in your neighborhood, then avoid purchasing gas and electric smokers because you will not find the value for your money.


bbqWith different and many producers, come some who do not have the license to manufacture smokers. Consequently, they end up giving you a substandard smoker and poor warranty terms.

If a company is offering you an offset smoker worth $1,000 with a one year warranty, then that is not a good firm.