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A Review of the Millionaires Club

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The Millionaires Club is a binary options trading software. In order to understand the software, there are a few important things you need to know.

What is Binary Trading?

tradingBinary trading is a method of trading that allows the trader to profit from the rise in value of a particular stock, asset, or commodity without actually owning the asset. These are simple trades and require the simple decision in order to complete the trade. Basically you are saying the stock you choose will increase in value by the close of the trading day.

Let’s say you choose silver. You don’t actually have silver, but you think by the end of the market today it will rise in value. It does and so you have made a small profit.

What Is Binary Trade Software?

Essentially, binary trade software is a computer program that completely automates your binary trading. The job of the software is to find binary signals and to create a profit for you automatically. The aim is to help traders invest more effectively. For the novice, it helps you to make lucrative trades while you learn. For the professional, it helps to automate trade so that essentially you make money while you sleep.

The Millionaires Club

While there are many effective binary options software’s out there, it doesn’t appear that the Millionaires Club is one of them. While the system is still relatively new, it doesn’t yet have a proven track record of successes, and there are not a lot of traders that are happy with its performance.

There also is no information other than the website that actually tells you how the software works under the premise of binary options trading.

Initial deposit

tradingThe initial deposit is $250. This is rather high for a binary option. The reason is that you have to open a new account with one of their brokers. Their brokers are average at best. The software advertises free but then hits you with the need for a deposit.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of trading success to be found which should be a red flag in itself. And, with limited options, it doesn’t seem to be a very effective software.

The Millionaires Club software has very little information available on how it works. However, there are a few bits of information that can be found. The special feature that is available aids the automation switch.

One good thing about the Millionaires Club is that you can trade without the use of the software if you prefer. While experienced traders may benefit from this feature, the beginning trader is at the mercy of the software.

The final drawback on the software is that they are no longer accepting US citizens. There is no explanation as to why this would be.