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The Best Electronic Drum Kits


Alesis DM7X

Alesis is among the best brands in the market but relatively expensive. It contains 385 sounds being cymbals, drums and percussions and ready to play kits and 40 ready to play kits. The sound is easily assigned to any piece and the dual-zone (8 inches) toms (four of them), snare, as well as four cymbal-pads-1ten inches, to give you the above-standard setup for the electronic kit. The LCD screen is a bit small. However, since you will be switching sounds, you may not necessarily require a big screen. By setting the tempo, the metronome can play. It is a complete electronic drum. The symbol pads and rubber drum are of high quality. It has an excellent quality and addictive features in the market. For the best electronic drum set click on the active link. It comes with a module for control.

Yamaha DTX400K

electronicOne of the most favorite sets because of its quality.Yamaha DTX400K has ten drums, 23 snares,21 kicks,31 cymbals,42 percussion and 36 toms. Unlike the Alesis, this kit has silent kicks. The module has additive features. It is fun to practice with it because the routine is built for warm ups, groove tools, and drumming games. It is cheaper compared to Alesis.

Pyle-Pro PED04

This is a budget friendly kit. It also has affordable gear within the lower price points. Has some highlights i.e. a stereo line-in, a reverb switch, adjustable rack, headphone jack and built-in metronome to top the highlights you also get the standard crash cymbal, a hi-hat pedal, and five drum pads. The module has inbuilt modules though not advanced modules. With the Pyle-Pro PED04, you get enough sounds with four variations and eleven pre-set kits, not very sophisticated where time is concerned, but it works anyway. It is affordable and perfect for beginners because it is simple, the speed sensors of the drums are responsive and do not give too much fuss.

Drums DD1

Not a very popular brand, -not a household name, though. Despite not being so popular it is very quality and has a quality electronic set. At a glance, it has a MIDI and USB compatibility. It is one of the most solid drums and does not easily break thus a long-term investment and widely recommended for children and beginners. It has the; you can also use it to plan a new track. It has double pedals making it very appropriate for beginners and children.

Alesis DM10

electronicIt is an additional Alesis model, but very pricey. The drum pads are of very high quality. It is more advanced than more models. It has a mixer built-in and has sampled drummed sounds. Has an allowance for using USB. The module has a sequencer built-in and has a MIDI interface.