An Expert Look At The League Of Legends

Graphical image of a man holding a sword

This game is the most popular game there is right now. League of Legends (LOL) is a competitive fantasy-themed game, based off the incredibly popular themed Witchcraft III of the Ancients. The game was one of the first big free-to-play games in the market, and even after going on for five years, it still holds a firm, high spot of excellence. It is advisable to buy elo boost to improve your performance. That being said, the game is an MOBA video game that was invented and designed by OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Riot Games.

Look at the League of Legends

The League is an is easy to learn and has onegame of the biggest learning curves there is in most MOBA games there are and can be quite addictive. Any newcomer in the game will immediately grasp the nuance of the game as soon as they start playing. The basis of this game is very simple; simply, a double team made of five players’ battles it out in this fun game. One team wins by destroying their opponent’s main structure. An individual game lasts for about 35-45 minutes but may drag for longer, even an hour in some instances.

At the start of the match you choose a champion, and join a team of five players, and you set out defeat the team’s central structure called the Nexus. The game is made up of three running game modes: Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline, and Summoner’s Rift. Each game mode comprises of many small intermediate objectives designed to give teams and players an upper hand of being the winners and successful

The route to Nexus

In the game, players can choose the champion they want to be, from epic, monsters, devious masterminds and other different champions in between to battle through Lanes, minions, turrets, inhibitors and the Nexus itself to win.

The League’s key features

The gamcartoone has an incredible character variety of over 120+ playable champions each with numerous skins. The game has a player customization with unique masteries and runes which allow players to customize their statistics to a certain degree. This game has been immensely successful and fun at all skill levels due to the rewarding ranked experience to its players. Players are given ranked rewards yearly – every season.

Just like all the other MOBA genre games, the League has eccentric solid music and graphics. Lastly, the game has a giant online community that follows every patch of the competitive scene and portrayed in the Riot Games. The polls indicate that the game reaches over 10 million monthly active subscribers globally. Clearly, how good the game speaks for itself.