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Finally, here is a way to store your photos and videos

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Every one of us has some photos and videos preserved for your privacy. You do not want them to be seen by anyone else. Not that they are bad but because they are so attached to you that you do not want to share. The problem comes with where you can hide them.

In a computer? No way because someone can crack the password and see all that have you been hiding. What now?

Just when you thought you cannot keep your visuals eternally secure, BeeCanvas is knocking your door. You can keep all your photos and videos here and view them when you want to. Sounds unbelievable? It is true. And you can do with them whatever you wish to.

So, what do you get from this cloud?

Unlimited storage space

iphoneHere you have unlimited virtual space to keep your photos and videos. It does not matter how much of data you have; it will all be accommodated. That is what everyone with loads of photos and videos would be hoping to hear. Now it is a reality you can get any time you want.

Quick and easy photo collaboration

You can bring all your photos together and appear as if you are in the same room. It is not something that will stress you since you are duly guided on what to do. Now that is a big plus for anyone who wanted to have a collated view of their photos.

Instant and round the clock access

You are not handing over the access of your information to anyone else. You are in charge of what, when and how it happens to your data. When you want to access your information, you will have instant access. Any time of the day and night you are free to have access.

Privacy is intact

Just like you wanted to keep this information from prying eyes, it will remain so. You are the only one with access to your photos and videos. Privacy is something taken seriously in this cloud service. With that assurance, you have no reason to worry about who else can see your information. You will share when you want to.

Post, share and do what you wish with your concepts

The freedom to do what and when you want is all with you. You can post anytime, share and do lots of other things. It does not matter where you may be; you will have full access 24/7.

Ease of use

To share your photos, post your videos on You Tube and everything else are all piece of cake. You do not need help learning how to do your stuff around here. It is as easy as ABC and nothing you already do not know. Nothing takes care of your visuals like BeeCanvas

You can have your photos and videos stored just for you and have access anytime you want them. It is now easy to keep tabs on your most important visual memes without the risk of losing them. Gear up and sign up for free today and join hundreds of thousands of others.